poems for our girl on international women’s day


a poem from mummy xx

Sweet dreams baby girl as I put you to bed,

All the things you’ve learned today buzzing around in your head.

A merry-go-round of new sounds, smells and sights,

Innocence personified, not yet exposed to the world and it’s plights.

You have your whole life ahead and I love watching you grow,

Our special little girl, love, warmth and safety are all that you know.

I will always protect you, teach you to be loving and kind,

Spirited from birth, you already know your own mind

Our beautiful rainbow baby born under a full moon,

Can’t believe you are 8 months old, please don’t grow up too soon.

I’m sorry if I’m boring and make you stick to a routine,

I’m just trying my best for you, not trying to be mean.

Your munchkin face lights up every hour of my day,

And when you smile or giggle you take my breath away.

Maggie Eliza, you complete me, you make me so proud

One day you’ll have a family, but for now Daddy says ‘no boys allowed!’

I wish for world where you don’t have to fight for equality,

But for now let’s just just keep our days full of frivolity.

Always be strong, brave and fierce, keep your head held high

For you are the future, the apple of my eye.

You are my BFF, my girl gang, my squad

My mini me Maggie, we are two peas in a pod!

Be true to yourself, fill your life with laughter and fun,

There’s so much to discover, my darling, your adventure has just begun.

a poem from Daddy xx

There once was a little bean

Who didn’t know where she’d been,

She looked for a map

Then went for a nap

And dreamed about what she’d seen.


PS – you will start to see I am a massive fan of mamamerch – I love to support independent businesses.  My Girl Power sweater is avail from Tease and Totes, with proceeds going towards World Reader.  Maggie and Chris’s tops are available from Mere Soeur xx


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