10 things i love about being a mum

In honour of Maggie turning 10 months old today, I’ve written a mini post on the top 10 things I love about Motherhood.  I’m aware that some of my blog posts have had slightly negative undertones, so in the spirit of Good Vibes Only, here’s a post celebrating some of the positive things about Motherhood.

  1. The fact that I get to hang out with a living, breathing human that we actually made who is the best parts of me and my husband combined.  And everything I do or say is hilarious – I have a very captive/receptive audience!
  2. Even when I feel like I’m having the crappiest of all days, one tiny smile, nose scrunch or giggle from Maggie can make my mood vanish in an instant. That’s some kind of baby witchcraft as I am normally a very stubborn person and have been know to sulk for hours in the past.
  3. Being a mother has made me realise that I am actually in fact, a superhuman.  I have been able to physically survive on just 40 mins of broken sleep over a prolonged period of time and then sustain a living human for the entire next day.  Without food. Or any sort of drug (except caffeine).
  4. Having a baby puts everything else into perspective.  I no longer beat my self up over silly things or worry so much about what people think of me.  Being a Mum is very empowering.  Its made me realise not to sweat the small stuff, I have bigger fish to fry.
  5. I worry less about my lumps and bumps.  I grew a human.  Any imperfections I have are now a roadmap that reflects growing a living being for almost 10 months and then pushing that life out into the big, wide world.  Now, if and when I decide to partake in any physical exercise other than opening and closing the fridge/lugging around a 22lbs baby, it will be because I want to, not because I need to to be a perfect size 10.
  6. If you see another Mum with a baby of a similar age that you like in a café/baby group/supermarket, it’s perfectly acceptable to slip her your number, without feeling like an utter weirdo.  You have a child in common!  And a coffee addiction.
  7. I get to wear casual clothes all day every day and I don’t feel bad about it.  If I want to stay in my PJs, I will.  Maggie isn’t judging me, and neither is anyone else.  Getting dressed up for a night out is now a voyage of discovery, past the maternity clothes, into the abyss of my wardrobe.  Who knew I still had a pair of over-the-knee cowboy boots from my uni days?
  8. I have become a stronger person.  I am no longer afraid to stand up for what I believe in or be a pushover.  It’s no longer about just doing things for myself.  I have to set a good example to Maggie – I want her to grow up believing she is a strong, powerful woman and can achieve anything she wants in life if she puts her mind to it.
  9. Having Maggie has made me realise that I am actually very good at being a Mum.  I usually find it hard to say good things about myself, but I will happily say I am the very best mother I can be and am doing the best job I can.
  10. Last but by no means least, it isn’t frowned upon to have a large gin-based drink the moment I put Maggie to bed for the night.  Whatever day of the week, 7 days a week.  Cheers!

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